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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Life's a beach on the East Coast - Port MacQuarie

We got up really early to witness the most amazing sunrise I've ever seen. Although I don't think I've seen many sunrises, except maybe if I've been out partying until morning, but the cars driving to the car park woke us up. 

Heading up north we drove all the way to a beautiful little fishing town called Port MacQuarie. Lots of beautiful, empty, white sandy beaches and palm trees. We only stopped there to use the Internet to pay the toll for the motorway at Macca's free wifi (what would we do without McDonald's?!) but since it was a really nice place we decided to stay there. Found a beautiful spot to crash right on the beach with toilets and showers close by. We went for a run to the beaches and I couldn't help but think that people actually live there, and can go for a run in those landscapes every single day. I could definitely imagine myself living there. A really beautiful town.

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Blue Mountains

Blue Mountains, about a 2-hour-drive inland from Sydney, was our first destination. We didn't have a map, so the trip took forever and we didn't arrive before dark. In Australia they don't mark the roads very well and there are few signs. We found a campsite in the Blue Mountains national park, cooked some pasta and went to sleep. 

Early next morning we woke up to the strange screaming of the weird birds of the Blue Mountains. We bought a map, which is a pretty handy tool when you go on a road trip. We went around the park to take pictures. Very green and beautiful place, high cliffs and waterfalls. Stine is also a very sporty girl and we went for a little run in the forest. 

Later we started heading up north. We camped right on the beach, cooked some pasta again and had some goon. Camping outside camping sites (that you have to pay for) is not allowed in Australia and free camping sites are hard to find. But luckily we didn't get into trouble. Some friendly locals even told us we could shower at their place if we want to. But we had already taken a shower in the freezing cold water of the beach shower. That's camping, we don't complain as long as it's free! 

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And so the trip begins in the beautiful Sydney

Early Thursday morning 12 days ago Sabrina from Germany and Stine from Denmark and me took a flight to the beautiful Sydney. I hadn't done a good job with packing, my bag was 27 kilos and I had to throw a lot of things out to avoid paying extra. 

At the airport Sabrina's friend Lena joined us. We spent 2 days in Sydney and the weather was hot and sunny. On the first day we did some sightseeing, Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. Me and Stine climbed up the bridge and got some nice pics, while the other girls had a nap at the Botanical Gardens.

The second day I went for a run and after we spent he day at Bondi Beach. In the evening we were supposed to check out the Harbour at night time, but instead we found a bar with 3 dollar drinks and had a really fun night.

Saturday morning we picked up our cute little campervan and the French girl Alix from the airport. And so the trip begins, 4 girls from all over Europe, campervan full of supplies and 5 weeks of travelling and good times ahead of us!

So far it's been AWESOME and I gotta feeling it's gonna be the best trip EVER!!! :) And getting away from Melbourne has done me really good.

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