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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Last Weeks in Melbourne

I had one month in Melbourne before going home. I had a nasty surprise waiting for me when I got home, as the chick I rented my apartment to while I was gone had trashed it, stolen a lot of my stuff and taken off. Winter was on it's way and the weather was getting chilly. Rohan spent a couple of weeks with me before going on his big trip. We did a lot of touristy things that I still hadn't got around to doing during my time in Melbourne. We visited the Old Melbourne Gaol. 

We also got a little taste of what it is like to be arrested and locked up in the City Watch House. I was a happy prisoner! 

I got a little taste of where I belong...

The infamous bushranger Ned Kelly among dozens of others were hanged here. The gaol was very intriguing and also a little bit creepy when you think of all the lunatics and killers who have stayed there. Definitely a must-see in Melbourne!

We also went to an Aussie Rules footy match at Etihad Stadium. Melbourne is all about the footy at this time of year, so you have to go and experience it. The atmosphere was fun and of course I had the hat and the scarf. No idea who was playing, but I think we won!

There is a place where you can go ice-skating in Melbourne so of course I had to take Rohan, who had never been on skates before.

We visited the Melbourne Museum as well, and wandered around discovering the street art in the maze of the Melbourne laneways. 

After a couple of weeks Rohan left on his big trip and I stayed in Melbourne. The last two weeks I felt stressed, sad and wistful. I knew it wouldn't take long before I would be missing Melbourne again, but at the moment I felt like it was time to go home. At least for a visit. 

Before going home, however, I somehow found myself in the middle of the hectic but beautiful VIETNAM!? Stay tuned!

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