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And so the trip begins in the beautiful Sydney

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

And so the trip begins in the beautiful Sydney

Early Thursday morning 12 days ago Sabrina from Germany and Stine from Denmark and me took a flight to the beautiful Sydney. I hadn't done a good job with packing, my bag was 27 kilos and I had to throw a lot of things out to avoid paying extra. 

At the airport Sabrina's friend Lena joined us. We spent 2 days in Sydney and the weather was hot and sunny. On the first day we did some sightseeing, Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. Me and Stine climbed up the bridge and got some nice pics, while the other girls had a nap at the Botanical Gardens.

The second day I went for a run and after we spent he day at Bondi Beach. In the evening we were supposed to check out the Harbour at night time, but instead we found a bar with 3 dollar drinks and had a really fun night.

Saturday morning we picked up our cute little campervan and the French girl Alix from the airport. And so the trip begins, 4 girls from all over Europe, campervan full of supplies and 5 weeks of travelling and good times ahead of us!

So far it's been AWESOME and I gotta feeling it's gonna be the best trip EVER!!! :) And getting away from Melbourne has done me really good.

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