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Blue Mountains

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Blue Mountains

Blue Mountains, about a 2-hour-drive inland from Sydney, was our first destination. We didn't have a map, so the trip took forever and we didn't arrive before dark. In Australia they don't mark the roads very well and there are few signs. We found a campsite in the Blue Mountains national park, cooked some pasta and went to sleep. 

Early next morning we woke up to the strange screaming of the weird birds of the Blue Mountains. We bought a map, which is a pretty handy tool when you go on a road trip. We went around the park to take pictures. Very green and beautiful place, high cliffs and waterfalls. Stine is also a very sporty girl and we went for a little run in the forest. 

Later we started heading up north. We camped right on the beach, cooked some pasta again and had some goon. Camping outside camping sites (that you have to pay for) is not allowed in Australia and free camping sites are hard to find. But luckily we didn't get into trouble. Some friendly locals even told us we could shower at their place if we want to. But we had already taken a shower in the freezing cold water of the beach shower. That's camping, we don't complain as long as it's free! 

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Blogger Cat Ray said...

These are excellent pictures. I am currently in the process of booking a tour of Blue Mountains Sydney because I have heard how beautiful this area is and I would love to see it!

December 8, 2011 at 8:51 PM  

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