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Escaping Brisbane to Moreton Island

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Escaping Brisbane to Moreton Island

The majority of Jucy didn't want to spend more time than we had to in Brisbane, capital of Queensland. We just went there to book a day trip to the world's third largest sand island, Moreton Island, 35 km from Brissy. In the impossible process of finding a cheap parking spot we scratched Jucy driving into a car park that wasn't high enough for us. Poor Jucy was stuck for a while until some friendly locals came to help us out. For the night we drove out from Brisbane to Stine's au pair family's house. We got a hot shower there and had no problems with parking. 

The next morning was a disaster. Stine had googled us directions to the train station where we could take the train and leave the car. We never found it and we had to drive to Brisbane. We couldn't find parking for the van. In the end I called the tour company to ask for advice. They told us to drive straight to Redcliffe, 35-minute-drive from Brisbane, where the ferry to Moreton was departing. They told us to be very quick or else we would miss it. From the tone of his voice I could hear that we really needed to hurry if we wanted to do this trip. So, Alix jumped in front of the wheel and I jumped in the navigator seat. Alix stepped on the gas, killing a few big birds on the way, I was on the phone giving instructions and somehow we made it. The tour guide was impressed we got out of Brisbane so quickly. 

After a very stressful morning we started to relax on the ferry. The water was bright turquoise. When we got to the island we jumped into a minibus. First stop was sand dunes where we could go sandboarding. Especially Sabrina and me were really excited. Until we saw the 'sandboards' that turned out to be just pieces of wood. Disappointed, we climbed up the sand dunes. It looked a bit scary, but in the end the piece of wood moves quite slowly in the sand. I asked if I could do it standing up, but the tour guide said no. I did it anyway.

After lunch we drove out to a lighthouse with some nice views of the island.

Next we went snorkeling around this shipwreck. It was ok, not great. After that it was time to head back to the ferry. On the way back we really wanted to see the dolphins and turtles that the tour company advertised. We saw three dolphins about a kilometer away. I was still excited to see them.

The tour was a disappointment; sandboarding was with pieces of wood, we didn't see much snorkeling and most of the time on the island we spent in a bus. However, Moreton Island is really beautiful and I think it would be a great place for camping or discovering the island by oneself, without a guided tour. 

Tired, we decided to risk it and sleep in the harbor. Once again we were woken by in the early hours of the morning and we had to pack up and find another park.

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