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What's hot in Melbourne Summer

Thursday, March 18, 2010

What's hot in Melbourne Summer

Just when I thought summer was starting to be over, it's been HOT AS again for the whole week!

1. Festivals
There is always a festival! Heaps of music festivals during the summer such as Future, Good Vibes, Raggamuffin, Soundwave and Big Day Out. At the moment there are Melbourne food & wine festival and Brunswick music festival going on with comedy festival coming up! There are heaps of different events and concerts too.

Placebo playing @ Soundwave

2. Live music

Live music is very popular throughout the year. Many bars and pubs have often really good cover bands and those are often the best nights out...

Great cover band at Crown Casino

3. Street art and performances

There are heaps of people singing, painting, beatboxing, drawing, pretending to be a statue, playing didgeridoo or bongos, dancing, anything to get people's attention and a few bucks in the city.

4. Jogging along the Yarra river or at the Royal Botanical Gardens

A fun alternative is to buy a cask of wine and go for a 'picnic' along the river and watch people jog! :)

5. Sunbaking

There are beaches after beaches along the coast if you drive away from the city centre. The most popular is St Kilda beach, which is however definitely not the best one with heaps of tourists and jellyfish.The further away you go from the city, the better the beaches get.

6. Afternoon nap at a park

7. Eating out

Heaps and heaps of restaurants for all tastes from all parts of the world.

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