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Tasmania day 6 - Cradle Mountain

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Tasmania day 6 - Cradle Mountain

In the morning we had to get up early because we didn’t have much time to explore Cradle Mountain. We had to return the campervan in Launceston by 4.30 pm. We did a 2-hour walk around Dove Lake, and after that it was time to head back. Cradle Mountain was really nice and the weather was sunny and warm again. It would have been nice to do a longer walk all the way up to Cradle Mountain, but it takes 6-8 hours and we were running out of time…

Before we left, I imagined Tasmania to be full of forests, mountains and lakes. This proved to be right, but it’s also so much more, and so much more beautiful than I expected. The landscapes actually reminded Finland a lot. The East Coast is full of long white beaches with no tourists ruining the landscape. I never could have imagined that I would find that in Tasmania! The west is green wilderness with forests, rivers and mountains. To discover Tasmania properly, you need at least a month. 6 days is nowhere near enough. People also told me that Tasmania would be freezing, but it was hot and sunny. Maybe we were just lucky, I don’t know. Staying at beaches was nice; going to sleep listening to the waves hit the shore and waking up to the same sound, so relaxing… :) Renting a campervan turned out to be a good solution, cheap, and you can stay wherever you want without having to worry about time and places we have to be. In fact, we stopped checking the time after day 1. 

Perfect holiday spot, but we didn’t have enough time. Beautiful landscapes and incredible wildlife! Tasmania is especially perfect holiday spot for those who enjoy bushwalking (heaps of walking tracks with nice scenery), wineries and unruined landscapes.
What can I say… To my friends at home or wherever: You have no idea what you are MISSING OUT! There is no place on this earth like Australia. It’s the most amazing continent on this planet with its AMAZING AND SO UNIQUE scenery, climate and wildlife. It really makes you see how amazing the world around you really is and appreciate it. I’m so happy I came here, I think everybody should!  So… QUIT THE RAT RACE! Quit it with the excuses, it’s about prioritizing! Make travelling a priority! You only live once! carpe diem!
Don’t worry about the world coming to an end, it’s already tomorrow in Australia!
‘The world is a book and those who don’t travel read only the first page’

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