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Houseparties & Melbourne Zoo

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Houseparties & Melbourne Zoo

Before I will write about our trip to the Outback, a couple of pics from the party we had a couple of weeks ago at our place.


The next morning, in a hangover, I wanted to go to the zoo...



A platypus. It was hard to get a photo of it; they swim fast!
Romain and Mana’s Spanish heartbroken friend Ramon crashed on our sofa for a few nights. A funny situation again that would never happen in Finland: We went to the bottle shop the next Thursday after the party. The guy behind the counter recognized us. ‘Are you on vacation?’ ‘No.’ ‘I remember you, you bought a lot of alcohol on Sunday, or was it Friday?’ ‘Saturday.’ ‘…And that’s a lot of alcohol for a Thursday…’ Then Ramon started to open up about his break-up with his girlfriend and how he’s trying to drown his sorrows in rum. And then they started comparing which of them had been drinking more during their lives because of women.

Awesome pics from the trip to the Outback coming up as soon as I get them on my laptop!

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