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Vanuatu day 10 - Malaria?

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Vanuatu day 10 - Malaria?

In the morning, I went to the toilet, lifted the lid and there he was. I totally freaked out and ran out of the bathroom. Then I had a brilliant idea and flushed the toilet hoping to drown the freaking spider… But I was too scared to lift the lid to check if it was still there. I told the housekeeper about the spider, and she said that she had taken care of it, but I wasn’t convinced. Since when do spiders swim?!! The Aussie guys enlightened me that some spiders do indeed swim. I’m SO not using the toilet anymore.
There had been a cold wind at night, and as we don’t have anything else as windows except mosquito nets I think I caught a cold. I felt really feverish, had to sneeze all the time and felt so sick that I couldn’t even stay up for long. So I stayed in bed or hammock the whole day, speculating if I had malaria or not and what I should do if I had it lol. Luckily the sun wasn’t out, otherwise I would have dragged myself on the beach no matter how sick I was. After the boys finished work, they came to look after me, gave me pills and drinks and I had dinner with them for the last time…
The boys

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