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Tasmania day 2 - Mt Wellington & Bruny Island

Monday, November 16, 2009

Tasmania day 2 - Mt Wellington & Bruny Island

In the morning Anthony went to pick up our campervan while I packed our stuff. First we went to the  tourist information and grocery shopping to fill our fridge for the trip. We started our trip from Mt Wellington, a 20-minute-drive from Hobart. It was a beautiful day and the view from Mt Wellington was pretty  nice…

After Mt Wellington we took a ferry to Bruny Island. I wanted to go to Bruny Island because I saw these brochures with pictures of seals and dolphins and beautiful landscapes. We stopped for some cheese tasting and kept on driving to Neck Beach. A REALLY beautiful beach, and EMPTY which always makes it even better! 
There was a penguin rookery, too, but unfortunately we didn’t have the time to wait for the sunset when the penguins come out of the water. We continued to South Bruny National Park where there are white kangaroos. On the way there we saw heaps of empty, nice white sandy beaches. We didn’t see a white kangaroo, but instead we saw 2 echidnas and 2 kangaroos mating! Looking for the white kangaroo we forgot about the time and we had to hurry our way back to the ferry. 
We stayed the night at a caravan park at Seven Mile Beach, a short drive from Hobart. Again, I wish we’d had more time.

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