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Tasmania day 3 - Wineglass Bay

Monday, November 16, 2009

Tasmania day 3 - Wineglass Bay

In the morning we wanted to check out Seven Mile Beach before moving on, since the previous night it was too dark. The weather was still hot and sunny. Unfortunately the water in Tasmania is freezing cold, about 15 degrees, since it’s so close to Antarctica, so I wasn’t brave enough to go in the water. 

The landscapes in the East Coast are beautiful! Long, endless, white beaches after another and turquoise water glittering in the sun! We stopped for lunch and a couple of wineries and finally arrived in Freycinet National Park around 4 pm. We had to buy park passes for the national park and get changed for a 3-hour-walk to Wineglass Bay. Wineglass Bay is said to be one of the 10 best beaches in the world, so we definitely wanted to check it out! 

So we’re getting ready for the trek in the carpark, and a tame little kangaroo jumps right to us! The little thing was hungry so I gave him some pear, and he ended up eating the whole pear. 


The trek to Wineglass Bay was a steep climb tp the mountain to the lookout, and then down to the bay. It was really beautiful, nice sand and water and only a few tourists. The return walk took 3 hours, a good workout! I was very happy I packed my gym shoes.

On the way to the campground we stopped at honeymoon bay for the sunset: 
Looking for a campground, we turned to this dirt track. The dirt turned into sand and when we tried to turn back it was too late and we got bogged! At first we tried to get out, but the van just sank deeper in the sand. Anthony didn’t have network and my phone ran out of battery.  We remembered there was a resort nearby so we took our torch and went for a walk. It was pitch black so if our torch had run out of batteries, we would have been in trouble! We found some cottages and  the maintenance guy of the resort came with his tractor and we were saved! We jumped on the back of the tractor and drove through the forest to our campervan. With the help of the tractor we finally got out of the dirt track and decided to drive to a campsite at Friendly Beaches. It was a bit further away but we didn’t want to take the risk of getting bogged again :)

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