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One Action-Packed Night in Adelaide

Friday, February 25, 2011

One Action-Packed Night in Adelaide

We arrived in Adelaide late in the evening and tried to find a good spot to camp for the night, where the van would be left unnoticed. Finally we drove to a rich suburb with nice houses by the beach and parked  the van next to the beach.

At night we woke up to strange noises outside. Finally we went outside to take look what is going on. There was a girl lying on the ground next to her car. She was unconscious and silently weeping. We couldn't wake her up. In the end we had to call an ambulance. We found some pills she had taken in her pocket. The paramedics called the police. The police wanted statements from us. We said we just got there, because it's not allowed to sleep in your car. Obviously they didn't believe us, but they let us stay.

In the morning we took a walk along the beach and saw some nice houses where I wouldn't mind living in. It was a quiet Saturday morning.

Back in Melbourne people often mock Adelaide. But I have to say, I really liked the capital of South Australia. Perhaps spending a month in the middle of nowhere had something to do with it. It was nice to be back among civilization for a change. 

Adelaide is the fifth biggest city in Australia. Still, it is about twice as big as Helsinki. It is known as the wine capital of Australia. We did a short walk around the city centre and visited the Central Market, which was really nice.

In the afternoon we climbed Mt Lofty. It was a really nice place with waterfalls and all the trees in autumn colours. The climb was hard, even though we didn't go all the way up. From the lookout you get nice views of the surrounding Adelaide Hills. But when we got there, it was too foggy. Later we drove up to the top to take a photo of Adelaide at night.

Next we started heading towards the Grampians....

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