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The West MacDonnell Ranges part II

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The West MacDonnell Ranges part II

The third day we started heading back to Alice, stopping at some beautiful and interesting spots along the way. 

Ellery Creek Big Hole is a big waterhole surrounded with red cliffs and gum trees. 

Ochre Pits is a colourful outcrop of ochre on the banks of a dry river. Aboriginals use ochre for several purposes from painting to medicine. 

We climbed up the Serpentine Gorge and had some stunning panoramic views. Everything around us was so peaceful, with the sunshine flowing into the trees... I think we were without a care in the world.

It is amazing how climbing a hill can give you such perspective to everything. Everybody should do that every now and then.

Standley Chasm is a deep red cleft with 80 metres high slopes, formed by floods over millions of years. The walls glow from sunlight. We did a short walk that ended in a sign that said "DO NOT PASS THIS POINT. If you do, you risk serious injury or DEATH.". To Rohan, this kind of sign is apparently an invitation. So up we climbed. And got back alive. 

Simpsons Gap is one of the most prominent gaps in the area. We also saw some black-footed rock wallabies jumping on the cliffs along the walking track. 

The West MacDonnell Ranges are a beautiful, peaceful spot to make long walks and totally empty your mind. 

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better... -Albert Einstein

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