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Mt Conner

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Mt Conner

It was a long drive to the big red rock. It must have been boring for Rohan, who had to do all the driving since I don't have a licence. I really enjoyed sitting in the van, listening to music and watching the sun set and the trees turn into silhouettes. 

When it got dark, we pulled over to a rest area for the night, an hour's drive from Uluru (Ayers Rock). In the morning we woke up to a nice view right from the van window! No, not Uluru just yet, it was Mt Conner. 

Rohan woke up during sunrise and took these pics. As those of you who know me know very well,  I don't care if the Ayers Rock just exploded, I'm not getting up at 5 AM to see absolutely ANYTHING.

Mt Conner is a gigantic flat-topped monolith, actually three times larger than Uluru. Access to Mt Conner is currently restricted.

Red sand, dry spinifex country, not many trees around!

Coming up: The world's most renowned red sand formation!

PS. Merry Christmas everyone!

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