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Mining town of Mt Isa

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Mining town of Mt Isa

The next morning we stopped a tiny Outback town, Cloncurry. We found a small lake close by and went for a dip. After that we FINALLY arrived in a real town, Mt Isa, in North-West Queensland. Smaller than Imatra, with around 20,000 people, it seemed like a big city after all the Outback towns, with McDonald's, supermarkets and bottle shops. 

Helsinki 13,344 km. Long way from home!

We went to see the sunset at a lookout, and camped right in front of Coles supermarket.

Mt Isa

Next morning it was time to stock up and say goodbye to civilization again. We headed towards Lawn Hill National Park. It was a 6-hour detour but we decided to take the risk and hope that it is worth it. After a  long drive on a gravel road we camped close to the National Park.

 Next: The spectacular oasis of Lawn Hill National Park!

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