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Anna in Wonderland - The Grampians part II

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Anna in Wonderland - The Grampians part II

We spent two days in the Grampians. Spectacular cliffs, weird rock formations, lots of wildlife, waterfalls, lakes, forests, beautiful walks...

The second day we did the Wonderland walk around the Pinnacle lookout (below). The walk was long, around 10 km but the views over Halls Gap were absolutely breathtaking!

It was sunny but the weather was really chilly so I had to borrow Rohan's clothes to stay warm. After all, I had only packed tiny clothes for the tropical weather of Queensland! The next night I was shivering from cold the whole night despite wearing 5 LAYERS of clothes!

The morning before we left we saw a pack of kangaroos and emus by a lake. One of the kangaroos had a baby joey in her pouch.

Katso kenguru loikkii... Did you know that kangaroos use their tails as an extra leg? And they can't move backwards!

The Grampians were impressive and I could have spent more time there, at least if I had had some warm clothes with me. But it was time to move on, back to Melbourne via the Great Ocean Road!

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Hienoja kuvia! Sanoo isukki

March 19, 2011 at 9:11 PM  

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