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Tropical Queensland

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Tropical Queensland

After we got to Queensland, the more north we drove, the more tropical the scenery got with banana trees and other fruit, rainforests and palm trees everywhere, and a really humid climate.

We made lots of stops in interesting places along the coast and sometimes drove a bit inland, too.

All the small towns in Australia have a big something, whether it is a big banana, a big pineapple, a big cow, a big shark, a big spider, a big crocodile or a big mango, like in the picture. Usually they choose it according to what they produce in the area, but sometimes it seems they have just made something up to attract the tourists.

In Eungella National Park we saw beautiful landscapes, lots of turtles, as well as wild platypuses! I never imagined I would get the chance to see them in the wild.

We saw some nice waterfalls on the way. Wallaman Falls, Australia's highest, 305 m, were pretty impressive. A steep climb down and back up was good exercise!

We also stopped at Josephine Falls, where we went for a little dip, too.

Next Destination: Mission Beach and finally CAIRNS!!!

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