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Sailing in the magical Whitsundays

Friday, June 25, 2010

Sailing in the magical Whitsundays

Sailing in the Whitsunday Islands, magical chain of 74 islands, is a must do experience for anyone going up or down the East Coast. I did it last year as well, although the trip and the boat were very different from this time.

We spent 2 nights and 2 days in a lovely wooden boat, New Horizon. The boat was rocking a lot and many people became sea sick but I quite enjoyed it. Warm weather, turquoise sea glittering, fun-loving people, not to forget a freezer full of goon! 

Like last year, the weather was overcast and we got a bit of rain in the evening. Apparently April is STILL wet season no matter what they tell you! 

In the morning we went to the amazing Whitehaven Beach. On the boat, waiting for a ride to the shore, we saw a giant marine turtle! 

Whitehaven was even more beautiful than last year. Pictures don't really do justice, especially because the weather was overcast.

We went swimming and snorkelling. The cyclone had destroyed a lot of the corals and the water wasn't as clear as last year. Still, we saw some huge, rainbow-coloured fish and corals.

In the evening we got the most beautiful sunset. After the sun went down, the dolphins came out and were playing around the boat all night! Magic.


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