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G'day mates!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

G'day mates!

Finally settling down! I moved into my own room last night. It’s in a nice 4 bedroom house in Clayton, close to the campus. I live with a Korean girl and her brother and a Polish girl. It’s about 300 euros a month, same as in Finland. House sharing is the way to live here in Melbourne. My next task is to find a job, and not only because I just got a 1,230$ phone bill... Oops!

The previous night I crashed at my friend Philippe’s house cause I had to check out from the hostel. On Sunday I met Philippe’s friend Jimmy, whom I had also met in Dam, and his brother Scott. They took me and Jimmy’s British friend Random Guy around the city. First we went to the bottle shop and bought some red wine with beer and whisky and coke in a can. Here you can buy whisky with almost any mixer in a can, which is great. But red wine with beer I still don’t quite understand… We went to see Scott’s boat in St. Kilda. I thought it was really cold and windy (=below 25). The boys told me I shouldn’t be complaining about cold since I’m from the ‘ice capital’ of the world… I get that a lot over here.

It was Scott’s birthday and Random Guy and I joined their family dinner. After that we went drinking to some guy’s backyard and I saw a possum! It was so cute, a bit like a squirrel. I can’t believe I’ve been to Australia for more than 2 weeks and I haven’t even seen a kangaroo!!!  I tried to pat the little thing but it ran away… Oh yeah, I did see some big jellyfish in St. Kilda. Not cool.

On Monday I had my first lectures. It had been ages since I had slept so well and when Philippe came to wake me up I just mumbled something and turned over. Later Philippe took me to uni. The first lectures were fun. The professor talked with a platypus hand puppet, and every time somebody answered a question right, they got a beer!!! Sometimes even a sixpack!!! He sure knows how to motivate students. Shame I couldn’t do my whole degree here, I would have graduated ages ago! And probably become an alcoholic... 

Today I was gonna skip uni and head to the beach because it was suppose to be a really hot day (nearly 40). Every citizen in Victoria, even me, received a text message from Victoria Police that warned about extreme heat and fires. In the morning I went to the gym at uni. It’s really big, good fitness classes and big swimming pools and even a sauna. But after that there's been this crazy wind that I haven’t gone outside. Tonight we have this Monash Exchange Club Bowling and Bar crawl night so I suppose I’ll start getting ready for that now!

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Blogger sandr-A-licious said...

Mitä helvettii noi motivoimistekniikat :D Kyl kelapis kalja joo...

August 13, 2010 at 3:27 PM  

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