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Chilaxing in the Phi Phi Islands

Friday, February 6, 2009

Chilaxing in the Phi Phi Islands

On Saturday Lasse and me flew to Surat Thani. My backpack was so full that I had to leave half of my stuff at the guest house. Hot sunny weather in Surat Thani felt great after the hectic and polluted Bangkok. Lasse wanted to stay there for one night cause he had the worst hangover, but I wanted to continue to Phuket right away. So we took a bus from the airport to Phuket Town. The trip took about 6 hours.
We didn’t sleep at all the previous night because we were afraid that if we go to sleep we will oversleep and miss the flight like I did the last time... So we were pretty tired, hungover and cranky when we finally got to Phuket. We took a room from Phuket Town. Lasse’s friend Joonas also joined us there. The 3 of us went out to eat and for a beer and then to sleep.
The next day we took a boat to Phi Phi islands. Again, we took the first cheap room we could find, 8 euros per night. The sun was already going down so we bought a big bucket of Sangsom and coke and went to the beach…
The next day we spent at the beach, first time! Crystal clear water, white sand and clear sky... Just what I had been waiting for J In the evening we had a few buckets again, and I convinced Joonas and Lasse to try thaiboxing. I suppose I just wanted to see somebody to kick Lasse’s ass for me. They were drunk enough to do it. It was so funny to watch and I laughed my ass off!! Afterwards Lasse was spitting blood and couldn’t open his mouth and Joonas still has a sore leg.
We met two Finnish girls and one guy and decided to take a longtail boat trip together the next day. We spent some time at Maya Bay (from the movie The Beach), it was really beautiful. Then we wanted to find some quiet beach where we could chill and relax and clean our livers and suffer the hangover away… So the boat left us at this quiet, beautiful beach with just a few bungalows. We paid about 3 euros a night for our bungalow. We only had electricity in the evening for about 5 hours. There were ants and lizards there, cold shower and the toilet had to be flushed with a bowl of water. Back to basics! Two days there without alcohol really did wonders and after that we felt a lot better, but we were also eager to get back to civilization.
So yesterday we got back and took a bit more expensive room, about 10 euros each but it also has warm shower, minibar, tv+dvd, internet… We felt like we wanted some luxury after the aboriginal life J We opened the first beer as soon as we got to the harbor and after that …. Well I exceeded my budget big time buying those buckets!!!
Today I woke up at noon and tried to wake up the boys, but they wanted to sleep although we were supposed to check out Long Beach today. So I was gonna go there on my own, but Lasse finally got up and came with me. Joonas stayed at the hotel suffering his hangover. Lasse and me spent the day on the beach enjoying the sun, sea and cold drinks.

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