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One Night In Bangkok...

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

One Night In Bangkok...

... is enough. My plan was to check out Chinatown last night because the local guy told me that it was the place to be last night. After that I was gonna go to sleep because I wanted to go to gym today. Anyway, on my way to Chinatown I bumped into this French guy who wanted to buy me a drink. And with my travel budget I don't say no to free booze!!! He is also on his own in Bangkok until his friends arrive.

After 2 buckets of Vodka Redbull I realized that I have to forget gym and bodypump class today. After that we went to The Club on Khao San Road and had another bucket, and another, and another... But don't worry mum, I was watching my bucket all the time and didn't even go to the toilet without it :) One bucket of vodka redbull was about 4 euros.

The Club was cool, but I didn't really like the music. Then we went sightseeing in a tuktuk, went to some places that I don't really remember what they were, but they were cool, I think. Then we went to eat some dog in a stick, or whatever it was, and then I went to sleep. I woke up at 3.30 pm with no hangover!

I decided to stay in my guesthouse while I'm in Bangkok because I went to see some other guest houses yesterday and they were either full or they were much worse than my room. I'm quite happy with my guest house, the staff is friendly, there is a warm shower and I haven't seen ANY bugs there yet.

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