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Still in Bangkok

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Still in Bangkok

On Tuesday I went sightseeing on foot and got totally lost... I walked around at least 5-6 hours. Then this local guy helped me out and we went to eat together. I tried chopsticks for the first time. He gave me a ride in a taxi to the centre of Bangkok. There were some huge shopping malls but I couldn't even go inside cause I knew that my heart would have cried blood cause I have no money to buy anything... I started to be exhausted from all the walking so I took a taxi home.

I was just on my way to sleep when I ran into the same French guy, Mohamad, again. I was pretty thirsty after all the walking so we went for a drink. At the same bar there was a girl eating grasshoppers like candy. She came to offer them to us, too, and of course I had to try it! They taste like popcorn! After that we took a tuktuk sightseeing tour again and ate lots of the basic touristy banana pancakes :)

We said goodbye and again I was going to go to sleep when two Canadian guys, Brian and Jimmy came to talk to me. We sat on the street and drank beer, it was fun.:)

Yesterday morning I woke up when my friend Lasse knocked on my door. I was a bit worried how we would get along, and after just 2 minutes we were already arguing. Then we went for a beer and he could finally chill... In the evening we met Brian and Jimmy and went to a bar called Gazebo, had some beers and tequila and shisha, of course. Then I had to stop drinking because my flight was gonna leave at 7.20 am. We went to eat with Lasse, who started to be REALLY wasted after drinking all day. I told him that I had eaten a grasshopper yesterday and he decided that we have to do our own mad cook -program. We ate maggots, grasshoppers and I don't even remember everything we had... People were filming us eating them :)

I'd had a terrible headache for two days and I was also really tired when I had to go and pack and get ready for flying. Well, I fell asleep and missed my flight. I slept till 3.30 pm. Probably still suffering from jetlag.. Now my plan is to fly to Surat Thani on Saturday with Lasse and take a bus from there to Phuket. We booked that flight ages ago and I didn't intend to use it but I suppose now I have to wait until Saturday before I get to Phuket...

Bangkok is crazy. You can do basically anything you want. Bars advertise 'we do not check ID cards', tattoo shops advertise 'new needle every time' as if it's not self-evident... And you can buy your driver's license or any diploma on the street. :)

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Blogger Petteri said...

Hehehe ... Vai Lasolil menny taas lujaa .. Katteleha vähä sen perää jos jaksat katella sitä :)

January 30, 2009 at 1:11 AM  

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