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Apartment hunting...

Monday, February 23, 2009

Apartment hunting...

St. Kilda Beach

Trying to look for a room is tiring, exhausting and time-consuming. I’m sick and tired staying at the hostel, I miss my own space and privacy. Some of my stuff was also stolen the other day. I would like to finally settle down and start the normal everyday life here in Melbourne.

I’m a bit annoyed by the fact that I changed my flights because of the orientation week, which wasn’t in the end that important, mainly just getting to know new people and drinking. Bar crawls and afterparties and stuff like that every night. The orientation ended in this welcome dinner on Friday at a posh restaurant, Red Scooter in St. Kilda. There were red carpets and everything. Then a bus drove us to the afterparty at a club in Chinatown. I was on my way home when I ran into a boy from the hostel reception, David and ended up drinking tequila shots with him until 6 o’clock in the morning.

On Sunday I went to St.Kilda, which is a town next to nice beaches and it has a crazy nightlife. It’s about 20 minutes away from the centre. Satu from the same dance group and university finally came to Melbourne and we went for a jug or two with the girls (We don’t drink pints here, it’s either a pot=285ml or a big jug. I usually take the latter, you know me). Here they play lots of live music at pubs. All the bars also have ATMs inside, which is cool. 

The transportation system is good here once you learn how to use it. It’s easy to move around the city by taking a tram or train. Daily ticket(=Metcard) costs about 5 euros, so it’s not exactly a free ride, but then again you can move around as much as you like. And there are also free trams moving around the city centre. Because we are study abroad students aka our uni has paid the tuition fee for us, we don’t get student concession cards. That sucks, cause the transportation is going to cost a lot…

The university is big. The Clayton campus centre is like a shopping mall with many shops and food courts and there’s also for example a meditation room, a theatre and a swimming pool. I have 4 units for the semester, I couldn’t even take more even if I wanted to, which was a bit strange but I don’t mind :) I suppose it’s a part of the deal with the university… My units that I should pass are human resource management, integrated marketing communication, organizations: contexts and strategies and experiencing Australian landscape. The latter one should involve trips e.g. to the Outback and stuff like that.

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