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Going out in St Kilda

Monday, March 30, 2009

Going out in St Kilda

I’ve been getting these disturbing messages from back home – that I should cut down on drinking and focus more on studying?!!? Let’s make one thing clear here! I AM drinking less than in Finland and I AM studying more. Apparently you have no idea of my drinking habits in Finland. (Maybe that's a good thing). And when it comes to studying… First of all, I spent 200 euros on BOOKS. With that amount of money I could have bought at least 2 pairs of SHOES. And I’ve actually read a few pages!!! Normally I don’t open a book until the night before an exam.

Last week I was sick in bed for two days. I just felt really sick and weak and couldn't eat or even move and I had a terrible headache. I just slept and watched 2 seasons of Desperate Housewives. My flatmates were amazed about the fact that I was spending Friday night at home resting.

On Saturday I was feeling better and because the weather was so nice, I took the train+tram to St.Kilda and went for a drink... or two. This time we went to Mink, which was nice, there are these big armchairs and you can close the curtains so that you have your own private space. After Mink we wanted to go somewhere we could dance, so we went to Riva by the beach.

St.Kilda was even crazier than usually because of the Grand Prix, everybody was out. Last week in class we talked about crime in Melbourne because there had been a stabbing at this huge nightclub in the city. I haven't been there yet. The professor said that there is more crime in Melbourne today than there was before, and he asked our opinions, whether we think Melbourne is safe or not.

St.Kilda is definitely one of the most dangerous areas because of the crazy nightlife, with all the junkies, prostitutes and nutcases. I don't think it's safe to walk around anywhere in the night time by yourself if you're a girl. Especially St.Kilda or the city. I do it anyway, cause I have to. I hate taking the train at night, because there are ALWAYS some sort of drunk or otherwise crazy people that put on a show.

Last week on my home street this SCARY-looking druggie girl harassed me. She really looked like she had escaped from the film The Grudge. I know junkies are usually harmless when they're on drugs, loving life and the world and everybody, but still they make me nervous because they're so unpredictable.

I had a scarier encounter with a junkie at the beach one day, when I had just arrived in Melbourne. I was chilling at this quiet spot away from the people when this guy came to talk to me. At first I didn't even notice anything strange, not until there was foam coming out of his mouth when he couldn't stop babbling about how handsome he is and how much I probably want to kiss him, lol. He was also shaking and his eyes and voice was all strange. I just ignored him and got my things and left. He even followed me for awhile. Creepy.

So yes, Melbourne is definitely more dangerous than Lappeenranta. But on a big city scale it's hard to say cause I haven't lived in any other big cities...

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