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F1 Australian Grand Prix

Monday, March 30, 2009

F1 Australian Grand Prix

I was going to see the F1 Australian Grand Prix in Albert Park, near St.Kilda, with my classmate Ari from California and his mates. I told him that I would meet him there. When I finally got there, the race had already started. Ari said that they are near the start and finish line. I asked this woman at the gate where it was, and she said that it's gonna be quite a walk.

On the way this Italian guy stopped me 'Miss Greece!!' and told me that it's his birthday and he wanted to buy me a car. I said 'no thanks, i have to find earplugs now'. Then he gave me his press card, that entitled the holder access to different places + free food and booze, and his Ferrari ear protectors. Cool. Everybody thought I was working there after that. Anyway, I didn't find Ari before the race was over. And I don't even know who won. I did see a few cars when they drove by. Shame I went there so late. After the race there was this concert with The Who playing, but I wanted to leave. But, I did use my press card when I had to go to the toilet. After I went for a drink.

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