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Motorbike Ride in Hue

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Motorbike Ride in Hue

The motorbike tour in Hue was one of the best trips we did in Vietnam. Naturally, we didn't ride the bikes ourselves, since that would have been a suicide. We jumped on the backs of the motorbikes of experienced local riders and were taken to the countryside. 

It was one of the motorbike rider's son's wedding that day. Still, he had to be there riding tourists around.

It was a hot day with temperatures over 40 degrees. We visited the old kings' tombs.

We also visited a local Buddhist monastery that is also an orphanage. The little girls in the monastery come from different sad backgrounds such as poverty. 

It is an interesting place to visit and the food is fantastic. At the same time you make a small contribution to the children's future by supporting the monastery.

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