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The Heart of Hanoi

Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Heart of Hanoi

The train in Hue was late and we had to spend a few sweaty and uncomfortable hours at the train station with the temperature over +40 degrees and nowhere to escape the heat. After yet another vodka night on the train we arrived in Hanoi early in the morning. 

Since we weren't able to check into the hotel yet, we did a walking tour in the city's Old Quarter. It was early morning so the streets were less mad and the air fresher. We arrived at a lake, where people had gathered to do their morning stretching, workout, or to just relax and socialize. It was a tranquil and beautiful place right in the city centre.

 The bridge of the rising sun

We had a long sleep at the hotel and woke up for dinner. After dinner we had a look around the local market, which was full of exotic treats from turtles to eels and frogs. Then we headed back to the lake. The lake seems to be the centre of the social life of the people in Hanoi. Lots of people had gathered by the water to enjoy each other's company and the city lights reflected in the water.

The next day we left for Halong Bay, definitely one of the highlights of the trip!

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